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Key Information 

Stopping the Spread

 The most important thing we all need to do is to stop this virus spreading from person to person. The advice and instructions from the government are updating regularly so please visit www.gov.uk/coronavirus for the latest information. However, for those without internet access, we’ve covered some of the key information on the opposite page.

The government’s strategy for limiting the spread will only work if we all follow it together. It’s vitally important that people don’t bend the rules, thinking that the odd exception won’t matter. One person who needlessly gets infected could go on to infect dozens of others, and that can lead to hundreds more, some of whom might be very vulnerable. So please, do the right thing and join the rest of the country by following the rules to the letter.

Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Support for Extremely Vulnerable People

Most people who catch the virus will display mild or no symptoms, but people with certain underlying health conditions are at a much higher risk.

The government describes these people as “extremely vulnerable”. There are 1.5 million of them in the UK, and they should have been contacted by the NHS in March. The NHS launched a volunteer scheme to look after this group on 24 March. By 25 March over half a million volunteers had signed up — double the target. You can join this team at www.goodsamapp.org/nhs.

As we write, it appears that this group of extremely vulnerable people are being reasonably well. catered for, and so at LFCA we won’t seek to duplicate the work of the NHS volunteers. However, if you are in this group and the help you need isn’t available please keep reading.

Some of these people classed as extremely vulnerable will have friends, family and neighbours who are already supporting them. That’s fantastic and hugely appreciated. If you’re one of these helpers, bear in mind that you need to be just as careful as any volunteer when providing this support — the old saying, “family germs don’t count”, doesn’t apply here.  If you’re supporting someone in this way, remember that you’re not alone. Think about what would happen if you became ill or just needed a rest. There are other people who are willing to help

Practical Support for Other People In Need

There are lots of people who aren’t on the NHS’s “Extremely Vulnerable” list but who will need help. Under the current guidelines (as of 30 March), if you are pregnant or over 70 you are strongly advised not to leave your home at all. If you have the virus you should not leave your home (except for exercise) for seven days, and others in your household should not leave for 14 days. You may have local family, friends or neighbours who are able to support you, but if not, Love’s Farm Community Association can help.

One thing we can do is to pick up shopping and deliver it to your front door. We are putting the finishing touches to a scheme in conjunction with Love’s Farm Church and Love’s Farm House to deploy volunteers to carry out these tasks.

Please note that the volunteers will be under strict instructions not to enter people’s homes or take any payments in person. Payments for shopping must be either:

  • Direct to the store (such as Tesco Click+Collect)
  • By BACS transfer (online banking) to Love’s Farm Community Association (LFCA)
  • With a credit or debit card
Email help@ourlovesfarm.co.uk or call 01480 589059 for more information and to make a request.

Please note that we can only offer this service to people who are unable to leave their home, don’t have other sources of support and are able to pay for the shopping. If you are in financial difficulties there is other help available. Our volunteers may also be able to help with other tasks such as walking dogs or running small errands. Please ask and we’ll do our best! 

Can you help?

We're looking for volunteers to help run these services - if you can help please see more details here.