Frequently Asked Questions

Why can we not drive out of the top of the site (Priory Hill)?

None of the plans for Love's Farm have ever provided for this access to be open and the main reasons given for this are (a) the bridge was built as a farm access and isn't suitable for high volumes of traffic, (b) visibility across the bridge is poor, (c) the road isn't wide enough for two-way traffic, (d) the junction on Priory Hill is too dangerous, being sited on a bend and (e) the bridge is currently intended to provide priority access for pedestrians and cyclists, who wouldn't be safe if the bridge was used for general access.

However, none of this stopped Priory Hill being a perfectly good access while Stone Hill and Great High Ground were closed for roadworks and as a result many residents are asking why the bridge can't permanently be opened - even if only to one way traffic.

Whatever the arguments are put forward for the access remaining closed, the County Council have no funds available for making any alterations to this junction and so we are unlikely to see any changes in the near future.

When will the shops be open?

Tesco Express is open 6am-11pm every day. We also have a pharmacy and a Barnardo's charity shop, and a cafe (Leonardo's) which does very good takeaway pizza and other hot food. 

Wasn't there a nursery and doctors' surgery in the original plans?

Theoretically, yes. However these are no longer part of the plans and have been replaced by residential development.

What sort of broadband provision is there on Love's Farm?

Sadly Virgin Media didn't have the foresight to cable the streets before the roads were built and BT laid plain old copper. 

Our street cabinets are fibre enabled so most properties can get superfast broadband. There are two cabinets - one by the railway bridge on Cambridge Road, and the other by the roundabout on Stone Hill. The speed you can obtain will depend to a large extent on how far your house is from the cabinet that you are connected to. You can check your phone number and estimated speed at

Is there a post box?

Yes! There is a postbox on Great High Ground, next to the Pirate Ship play area.

Where are the play areas?

There are play areas on Great High Ground (the Pirate Ship) and two smaller areas south of this on the main open area. There's also a hard surfaced play area with snakes and ladders games on Bawlins.

An 'Indian Camp' themed play area opened in 2013 next to the woods to the north of the football ground. This is our largest play area, with swings, a slide, climbing equipment and a zip wire! There is also a train-themed toddler play area in the open space to the north of Top Birches.

My question isn't answered here!

Please get in touch! We'll do our best to find out the answer and post the response here if it will be helpful to other residents. Alternatively, you can post in our forums, where other residents may be able to help.