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The forums are provided to help discussion and communication amongst residents of Love's Farm - whether that's an issue concerning the development, local issues, or just something you want to chat about! To help everyone using these forums, please try to make your post in the appropriate forum.

We have a number of simple guidelines to help keep the forums a positive and constructive place for us all.  The discussions in our forums reflect on our whole community. They're here to help make our community a better place. If something is just negative or critical without being constructive, it will be removed. Those who consistently make unhelpful contributions will have their access removed.

If the time taken to moderate the forums exceeds the time available to the volunteers running it, the forums will be suspended and all access withdrawn.

Keep it civil

Personal attacks and insults on any individual will not be tolerated. Discussions may get heated, that's fine - but stick to the issues and don't let it get personal.

Stay positive

We're a community, we want good things to continue to happen here. The forums don't exist solely for us all to have a good moan! By all means raise issues - but what would you like to see done about it, and how will you help achieve it?

Watch your language

There's simply no need for bad language. As a guideline, stick to what's appropriate for kids to hear.

We won't tolerate language that is considered to be offensive, discriminatory or inappropriate.

No commercial adverts

Blatant commercial advertising isn't allowed. If you want to advertise on the website, please get in touch. The Community Association depends on the income from advertising in the newsletter and on the website.

If you want to sell something privately, there's a forum for that, and if you want to draw your neighbours' attention to good service that you received from a business, that's fine.

Cross posting

Please don't post the same thing in more than one forum. If the moderators think a post should be moved to a more appropriate forum, they will do that.

Moderators' decision is final

We're not here to spoil the fun, but if we feel something isn't right, we'll step in. Repeat offenders will have their access to the site removed. Remember that access to the site is privilege, not a right. We run it for free in our spare time. We will try our best to be fair but ultimately we will use our judgement and won't necessarily justify every decision.

Basic rules for the residents' forum

You must:
  • Post using your real name. Post made under aliases or false identities will be removed and accounts disabled.
  • Be registered on the site with a functional email address that belongs to you.
  • Have a Love's Farm address registered on the site (There are a few execptions to this. Contact us if you have a good reason for accessing the forums but don't live here).

Rules for the 'For Sale' forum

  • No business advertising. Private ads only.
  • Listings with no updates will be removed after 2 weeks. To prevent this, just add a reply saying "Still for sale" or similar.
  • Mark your item with 'Sold' and it will be removed ASAP by a moderator.